The Short, Happy Life of Vardan Kushnir

Well, Ms. K wrote saying she’d get back to me regarding Moldovan spammers. That was a week agon, and I had hoped to get a follow-up by now. But then, Ms. K has a complicated, energy-intensive social life.

While we wait, let’s check in with Wired, whose August issue includes The Sleazy Life and Nasty Death of Russia’s Spam King. Pity fast-living Vardan Kushnir, found in his bathroom with his head bashed in. Was it spam related? Not everyone thinks so, but come on–the guy was known and hated for his spamming. At least one Russian newspaper said he had it coming.

Makes me wonder. Maybe this is why my mysterious Moldovans stay on the down low–they like their skulls round and not so pulpy.

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