monkey vs. robotWhen I first saw a link for Monkey vs. Robot on memepool, I thought it would take me to the Monkey vs. Robot graphic novel. But no, it takes you to a Monkey vs. Robot movie. They’re very different, but James Kochalka’s name is on both. (I prefer the movie–watch those guys wail on each other!)

And look: Indyworld’s Kochalka page says there’s also a Monkey vs. Robot CD available from Tarquin Records. (Strange, I don’t see it on the Tarquin site.) Learn more about James Kochalka, hard-rockin’ multimedia superstar cartoonist, at the James Kochalka Swedish fan site.

It’s kind of fun to say his name: Kochalka, Kochalka, Kochalka…

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