The final episode of R.U.X….

…was dedicated to Steve Jobs.

What does Steve have to do with sexbots? This video from Rob Parrish offers some insights:

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2 Responses to The final episode of R.U.X….

  1. Xavier Cecil says:


    I was excited to locate your site; and I was wondering if you do book reviews? I have a sex-bot laden e-book, and I would be very interested if you could give the book a rating on Smashwords.
    Fleshware Requiem is a genre-mashing hybrid of horror and hi-tech. It explores classic themes of man’s interactions with artificial intelligence; but with a spicy twist Asimov never dared; humanoid robots built for sexual companionship. Oh, and the zombie apocalypse has been going on for eight years, bringing ruin to civilization; Murder, mayhem, ex-convicts, crazy A.I.’s, mushroom-omeletes, and zombies. Fleshware Requiem is a 63,000 word robo-zombie thrill-ride. H.A.L. 9000 meets ‘Misery’s’ Annie Wilkes in a sci-fi ‘Fatal Attraction’ of the Apocalypse, with shades of Angelina Jolie’s Cyborg. I have made The novel temporarily free of charge on Smashwords.

    I have another sexbot book that I can provide a free coupon for, if requested.

    • surly says:


      You already wrote a review for your book–on my Web site, no less. How’s about I just pull-quote your review, then you can pull-quote my pull-quotes. Here we go:

      …genre-smashing hybrid of horror and hi-tech… Fleshware Requiem is a 63,000 word robo-zombie thrill-ride…

      That’s some highly efficient log rollin’!

      Yours in Angelina Jolie,

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