Tales of Freelancing #20

Tales of Freelancing #20I suppose it’s a conflict of interest for me to review my own comic. Well too bad. This one-shot appearance in “Tales of Freelancing” is my first paying gig in years, and I intend to hype it to Hell and back.

Just look at that cover–am I kicking ass or what? That puny human doesn’t stand a chance against my monstrous metal magnificence!

In the story, I get an assignment to write an article about Grant Morrison for some third-rate Web zine. Just as I finish writing the piece, the zine editor calls to say he didn’t get his second round of venture capital, his zine is bankrupt, and he’s going back to his sales job at Old Navy.

Normally, when an editor cancels an assignment, the writer gets what we call a “kill” fee. But this loser claims he can’t pay. Long story short: After spending a little time with my Octo-Gun, he’s more than happy to pay a “please don’t kill me” fee. Deadbeat punk!

The story is loosely based on an actual incident. In real life, there was no fight–in lieu of a kill fee the ex-editor let me shoplift a bunch of Performance Fleece. But made up or not, the fight scenes in the book ROCK. Buy it now!

If I get some real money out of this, I can quit this Web shite altogether. My domain name will lapse and get picked up by some online porn company. You’ll know I’m on Easy Street if you’re suddenly redirected to www.nasty-grannies.com. Keep your fingers crossed.

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