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Night of the Living Metaphore

My boy Robbie Parrish is bringing it once again. Check out his Night of the Living Dead re-mix featuring dialog by yours truly. Right here. His series Next to Heaven is counting down the final 10 episodes of season two. … Continue reading

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The final episode of R.U.X….

…was dedicated to Steve Jobs. What does Steve have to do with sexbots? This video from Rob Parrish offers some insights: http://blip.tv/next-to-heaven/for-steve-nth-2-34-5510862

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Log Rolling Time!

Robbie Parrish is at it again, kicking off season two of his hit internet video series Next To Heaven. You may remember that season one was loosely based on the comic strip Funky Winkerbean AND served as the basis for … Continue reading

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