You want the scoop on the next Star Trek series? You got it, smart guy. Blame Xtos for this one–he egged me on.

Star Trek: Retcon


New Trek Series Revealed
Beloved franchise cleans up its act

Paramount has announced a casting call for Star Trek: Retcon, a new series scheduled to premier this fall. The show will follow the adventures of a previously unseen Federation starship, the U.S.S. Retcon. It will be unique in that each episode will revisit places, people, and situations introduced in earlier Star Trek series. From Harry Mudd and the Gorn captain (original series) to Talaxian chefs (Star Trek: Voyager), everything that viewers have experienced in the past will be fair game.

“What we’re trying to do is address some of the lapses in continuity that have arisen within and between the different Trek series,” says executive producer Brandon Braga. “As fans are quick to point out, there has been a lot of contradictory information over the years–facts that get changed from episode to episode, or from series to series.” Examples include the shape of Klingon heads, which appeared smooth in Kirk’s day and knobby in all subsequent incarnations.

Since the ship’s mission will require it to travel through time as well as space, the U.S.S. Retcon should put the continuity back into the space-time continuum.

“We want to go back and explain why things are the way they are,” says Braga. “It really bothers us, as artists and storytellers, that there are all these inconsistencies. Retcon is a chance to get it right, no matter what the cost.”

Braga sees this as a seven-year mission, and expects trouble from advertisers. “The S.U.V. makers aren’t exactly lining up to buy space on this show. They think the concept is weak and won’t hold people’s attention.”

Nonetheless, he’s committed to moving forward. “This isn’t about the money,” says Braga. “It never has been.”

The show will also address continuity lapses found in even-numbered Star Trek feature films. Odd-numbered films, the cartoon series, comic books, novels, video games, board games, and trading cards will not be addressed. “This is a seven-year mission,” says Braga. “Not a seven hundred-year mission.”

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