SPX 2002

SPX 2002A couple weeks back Professor Xtos and I attended SPX 2002 in Bethesda, Md. Dozens of tables, hundreds of comic titles, lots of comic book luminaries in attendance.

The star-spotting began even before we got inside. While Xtos stood at the front desk of the Holiday Inn Select trying to get change for the parking meter, a blond Lisa Loeb-ish gal lurked nearby. Turns out to be none other than Jessica Abel, creator of Artbabe.

It was a little embarrassing, the way she shamelessly checked us out. But the Professor noted that she’s probably used to being around geeky fanboys, not studly supervillains like us.

While touring the floor, I noticed a bald guy signing autographs at one table and a long line of people waiting to see him. Waddya know– Frank Miller. I thought this was pretty cool, until I remembered my review where I trashed DK2. What if he read it and wanted to fight? (He must have known who I am–there weren’t that many robots at the show.)

He looked like a formidable opponent–he’s got that gritty, bar-brawling air. Big, broken-looking nose. Mind you, I could have taken him (I had my XL-700 handy). I just didn’t feel like fighting him, that’s all. I walked on by, but I made a point of not asking for his autograph. I think he got the message.

Besides, there’s other people more deserving of my servo-driven smack-down. I looked around for uber-hack Frank Cho (creator of Liberty Meadows), but he wasn’t at his table. No doubt he saw me coming and ran from my monstrous metal magnificence.

Professor Xtos spotted Ted Rall and gave him props for this comic. I met Bill Plympton and told him I had always thought, for some reason, that he was British. He said he gets that a lot. Then I bought this Jeffrey Dahmer comic and was able to get Derf to sign it for me. Derf actually went to high school with Dahmer and tells a twisted tale of paying him to act weird at the mall.

I also bought the latest book from Tony Consiglio, creator of the hilarious series Double Cross. Moving one table down, I found his buddy Alex Robinson and bought the book version of his series Box Office Poison.

Robinson had issued some of this material in an earlier collection, which I had bought at an earlier Expo. I don’t like to purchase the same material twice, but Robinson gave me a free comic in compensation after I “convinced” him this was the right way to treat a fan. (Don’t worry, I only crushed his skull partway.)

I bought a lot more comics, some of which I’ll review over the next few months. I did not stay within my $100 budget, but neither did I bankrupt myself (like in 2000). I think Professor Xtos wrecked a similar degree of mayhem. We also implanted each attendee with a mind-controlling alien symbiot–but you’ll hear more about that soon enough on the national news.

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