Seven Hells: Abandon All Hope

My luck is nothing if not consistant. Case in point: I find a comic book blog I really, really like called “Seven Hells.” I crack up reading the Seven Deadly Signs of villiany series, and I find out that the blogger, Devon Sanders, works in D.C. at Big Monkey Comics. That’s just across the river! Cool!

Then, the punchline–he just this week put “Seven Hells” to rest. D’oh!

Still, I’ve got a backlog of nearly two years to work my way through… Maybe Devon will come out of retirement if enough of us leave comments on his blog (hint hint).

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2 Responses to Seven Hells: Abandon All Hope

  1. Krantoor the Mundane says:

    Please, Human named Devon… Obey the Robot Master\’s request!! Or we shall destro-o-o-o-oo-o-o-oy All Your Kind!!!

  2. Devon says:

    I’m back! I swear!

    Seriously, thanks for finding me and I hope you’ll come back.

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