Second Look at Rorschach

me as Burgler SamFurther proof that I was born to play Rorschach in the upcoming Watchmen movie. This is a shot of me in character as Burgler Sam Sam the Mugger during the shooting of “Mug,” a video project by my friend and auteur Rob Parrish.

I’ve got experience playing guys who wearing stocking masks. Why wouldn’t I get the part of Rorschach?

Shortly after this picture was taken, Arlington’s finest arrived in three squad cars demanding to know why a guy in a stocking mask was standing in the middle of Glebe Road videotaping passing cars (actually, only pretending to videotape passing cars, but they couldn’t know that). Rob explained the project, and the cops were cool about it. “I’m all for free speech,” said the officer who spoke to us. “Besides, a real terrorist wouldn’t walk around in a stocking mask.”

I have to say, we’ve got a pretty good police force here. They’re on the ball, but not in your face. The only time I’ve seen them freaking out was on 9-11. And considering that one of the hijacked planes crashed in their jurisdiction, that’s pretty understandable.

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2 Responses to Second Look at Rorschach

  1. rob parrish says:

    Your character’s name is Sam the Mugger. What kind of method actor are you? Well, you did do a great job! Thanks again.


  2. surly says:

    Frak! Ok, it’s fixed now.

    BTW, NTH # 34 may be my favorite episode ever. Time travel, sex, vintage cars… what else do you need? If you haven’t seen it already, check it out at

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