Rorschach & Joan Crawford

Sure, they both have a few hang-ups. But don’t Rorschach and Joan Crawford make a lovely couple?

That’s Spacejunk42 in the mask. He writes:

“The third picture does have a woman in it, but its just a friend and I did not sleep with Mommy Dearest.”

Sure dude… whatever you say. But please tell me you kicked the crap out of Frodo… that’s what the real Rorschach would do.

Rorschach vs. Frodo? Rorschach Standing Tall Rorschach vs. Mommie Dearest

Hey, I like that… “What would Rorschach do?” If Rorschach ran into Gollum, Mirror Universe Uhura, and that dancing midget from Twin Peaks… WWRD?

It’s about time to start the voting, dontcha think? Leave a comment saying who you think made the best Rorschach costume, and why. (Scroll down to see other entires.) And if you’ve got a picture of yourself as Rorschach, let me know and we’ll post it here.

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8 Responses to Rorschach & Joan Crawford

  1. Spacejunk42 says:

    Haha, no, I didn’t kick his ass. He was specifically going as “A LARPer” so he was already making fun of the Frodos.

  2. surly says:

    that the frack is a “LARPer”?

  3. Spacejunk42 says:

    I had a WWRD moment tonight, went to a party and my ex was there and I haven’t seen her since the break up. I stayed in mask the whole time she was there, and you know what? It was fuckin awesome. Everyone should be so luckyas to get to see their ex for the first time with full faced mask on. She was dressed as Marceau Marceau, so she even had a fucking mustache on, whereas I just represented mother fucking justice.


  4. surly says:

    Bonus points if she didn’t know it was you behind the mask. Extra bonus points if she hit on you by pantomiming something lascivious.

  5. Dark Rorschach says:

    My Rorschach Watchmen costume – burns yours away!


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