Rorschach Jesse & the rather fetching Mrs. Rorschach Jesse

Rorschach Jesse writes

Don’t know if you ever got my pics. Hunter needs to send a better pic, he looks pretty good. Here’s a couple.

Rorschach Jesse and Mrs. Rorschach Jesse Mrs. Rorschach Jesse

It wouldn’t matter if Dr. Manhattan blinked in and blew up Hunter’s head… you win, you lucky bastard.

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4 Responses to Rorschach Jesse & the rather fetching Mrs. Rorschach Jesse

  1. Hunter says:

    i think Jesse knew what kind of “accessories” were needed to win! ironically i tried to get my girlfriend (little red riding hood) to be lara croft too. i’ll see if i can find some clearer pics

  2. Andrew1 says:

    Excellent mask man, I\\\’m wondering, did you make that at home? or did you purchase it at a costume shop? Get back to me

  3. surly says:

    My mask doesn’t come with a hot faux Lara Croft, but you can read how to make it at

  4. Jow says:

    Where is ur hand in the first pic?

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