Rorschach Costume Contest: It’s on!

Jesse as RorschachCheck out this out: That’s Jesse as you-know-who. (He’s either here or here… MySpace is f***ing with my browser…) I think we have an early favorite, people. Comments? Observations? Trash talk? Let’s hear it…

On a somewhat related note: Is anyone dressing up on Halloween as a snakehead fish? I say somewhat related because the snakehead is kind of like the freshwater version of Rorschach… meting justice to transgressive carp, bass, and catfish. His motto is “run a gambling den, lose a fin.”

Also, the mullet is the fish version of Dr. Manhattan.

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22 Responses to Rorschach Costume Contest: It’s on!

  1. Lizz says:

    That Rorschach mask is sick! I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to make one forever. How’d you do it?

  2. hyhjkkn says:

    you need the gloves but otherwise its badass

  3. ASdf says:

    It could use a purple pinstripe suit to go undernearth the trench, but otherwise thumbs up

  4. pomaicdkma says:

    im sorry but this isnt that good. you can see right through the mask. i made a mask in 5 minutes that was a hella lot better than that with a sharpie and a tshirt

  5. surly says:

    So how’d you make your mask, dude? Share with the group.

  6. Nightingale says:

    Well, it needs improvement, but its one of the best I\’ve seen. What material did you use for your mask, I tried to use a good, large swatch of medical cloth

  7. malignance says:

    Great costume. What I’d like to know is how the hell you tied the scarf so well. maybe it’s made out of thicker material than mine.

    A comment on the mask… It’s okay, but here is a tip to make it better: use more layers. Mine is still a little bit of a work in progress (I effed up by trying to “cheat” and make holes in the middle layer), but it’s not unbearable to see through.

    The innermost layer is black nylon. The next two layers were the feet of a pair of white nylons (with the blot pattern colored onto the outer layer with a thick black marker). I think it works well because the two layers of white counter the black, but where the blot pattern is, it’s like having two layers of black and one layer of white.

    I just used the “crotch” part of the black nylons because it isn’t as tight and I could actually cut holes near my eyes to get rid of one layer (I tried this with the middle white layer and it “ran”). Wearing one layer pushed on my eyes a little and irritated my eyes when my eyelashes brushed against it, but wearing three was absolutely impossible, so I bought a simple black eye mask to wear under the nylons and it kept the nylons out of my eyes.

  8. surly says:

    Interesting approach, mal. If anyone else tries it, please share your results.

    BTW, I rewrote the instructions on how to make my old mask:

  9. malignance says:

    I will post a picture once I get into full costume.

  10. malignance says:

    meh, here is mine.

  11. Destro says:

    This was actually my first attempt at doing Rorschach this Halloween. I was really pleased on how it came out, but I\’ll admit it was freakin’ hard making the mask.

  12. Destro says:

    here are the links

  13. Destro says:

    i have pictures but I can’t post the links. help??

  14. trebory6 says:

    Hey, check out my tutorial on how to make a Rorschach mask like that.

    Anyways, it’s a simple tutorial. Hope you guys like it!

  15. That-Vampire says:

    I used Muslin material its what they used in the movie and i doubled it so you cant see the face and i made the blot myself using different pens and brushes easy to make mask though

  16. That-Vampire says:

    I used muslin fabric for the mask its what they used in the movie

  17. Dark Rorschach says:

    That´s nice – but look at me as Rorschach 2009.

  18. Dark Rorschach says:

    Or that … i have make an more dangerous variant:

  19. I found this site looking for ideas how to make my Rorschach costume. It ended up turning out quite well. A lot of people thought I was Inspector Gadget when I wasn’t wearing the mask, but those who knew Watchmen were quite impressed.

    Here’s a vid I made:

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