Rorschach Costume Challenge

All right, now three people–Spacejunk42, Geoffrey, and Shawn–have written to say they’re dressing up as Rorschach for Halloween, and they’re using my instructions for making a Rorschach costume. Which is cool!

But give something back to the Surly Robot. Send me a picture of yourself as Rorschach! Also, if you get laid the night you wear your Rorschach costume, you have to send a picture of the girl in her costume.

True story: I wore my Rorschach to my friend Krantoor‘s party, which ended early. So I’m walking home as Rorschach and I pass this house where there’s a party going on and it sounds great. At the time, I was making an effort to crash at least one party every year, so I said what the hell.

Well, let me tell you… chicks dig Rorschach! Not enough to go home with me, but still. The attached photo is of some of the women I talked to that night.

Women in costumeTo state the obvious: If a guy’s wearing a Rorschach mask, a girl can pretty much project on him anything she wants to see. That’s good news for you, younsters.

Send me stories, pictures, and tips for making a better Rorschach costume. It’s on!

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16 Responses to Rorschach Costume Challenge

  1. Spacejunk42 says:

    Hell…damn…yes. May the best unbalanced do-gooder win.

    Seriously though, great idea. I plan on jumping right into the whole costume creation this weekend.

    I actually have three parties lined up this year, one of which is the weekend after Halloween, so I have a last ditch chance at geek-lore based holiday nookie.

    I kind of thought about wandering the streets in the suit and beating the shit out of somebody for jaywalking in case I didn’t get to got to a party. Lets hope I get out of the house for a party before that happens…

  2. Geoffrey says:

    i will definitely post pictures of the costume and the victims of the costume, be those sexual victims or victims of obscene violence… or if i\’m really lucky, a bit of both. if only spacejunk42 and i were in the same state, we could combine our forces for duel rorschach justice. unlike him, i\’m hoping for the jaywalkers and using parties as a last resort. is it ok for rorschach to use an ax handle, or am i gonna lose costume points for that..?

  3. Shawn says:

    There are actually pictures of me in my costume, but my buddy’s girlfriend hasn’t uploaded them anywhere yet. Once I get my virtual hands on some links I’ll post them and outline how I ended up making my costume and how it went off.

    And yes, the mask rocks because everyone is incredibly creeped out that they can’t tell what you’re looking at. There were several times when people had to ask “Are you talking to me, or him/her?”

  4. Jesse says:

    Here you go, my entry. Don’t forget to carry a smiley face pin and a journal. I’ll be hitting the town with my wife. She will be going as Lara Croft. I’ll post some pics.

  5. Hunter says:

    just came across your site and wanted to say i\’ll be going with my girlfriend to a party as Rorschach, i will try to send a few photos to show how it turns out.

  6. Litho says:

    This anti-hero’s philosophy is so demented: Humanity is hopeless, women are worthless, and the only joy in life is to apprehend, torture, and execute criminals. What better than to dress up as my antithesis.
    It suddenly occurred to me on Monday that this was who I wanted to be, and yours was among a handful of sites I found that dealt with this costume. I showed up to work today and freaked out many. The only one to recognize the character was one of our young interns.
    The mask was quite simple: a pair of opaque white leggings inked up. I found that wearing the un-inked one under the mask was necessary to obscure my face adequately, but I’m surprised how much I am still able to see, although I wouldn’t attempt to cross a highway in it.

  7. Jesse says:

    Ok, here are the pics.
    Let me know if you can see them. Looks like some damn good Rorschachs, stiff competition. Hey I even fought crime that night! Well, actually I and the other guys broke up a potentially ugly fight on the subway, but hey it was fun.

    Well done all.


  8. Hunter says:

    n/m the last link though haha

  9. Skeet says:

    Sorry, this is a bit late. I just finally got my pictures developed from Halloween. I didn’t go quite the route you created for your Rorschach mask, but I did use the general idea. I actually created two masks and switched them out all night long. Not a single person noticed unless I told them about it.

  10. Sebastian says:

    where are the instructions?
    i came here looking for instructions!!!

    i can’t afford 100 dollars for a mexican wrestling mask. and silkcreening a blank one would surely mean inhaling the fumes all night.

    what else can you use to make the mask?

  11. Dinerman says:

    Made my mask out of the sleeve cut off a t-shirt. worked very well.

  12. wchngwchmn says:

    how can you see through a sleeve cut off a tshirt?
    i’m confused, cause that seems like my best bet but visibility is an issue for sure and i want to know how to achieve the very best possible!

  13. Dinerman says:

    I cut little holes over the eyes. Not the best solution, but it worked fairly well, and they were hard to see, because I was wearing it at night. I’m going to try to do something a little better for when the movie comes out.

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