Persian Brown

That’s the name of the meth & opiate combo that helped kill River Phoenix on Halloween, 1993, at the Viper Room in Hollywood.

However, his death was not entirely from Persian Brown, as some sources make it sound. Here’s what else the 23-year-old actor had in his system when he died:

  • heroin
  • cocaine
  • cough syrup
  • cannibus, and
  • vallium

Cough syrup? Maybe all the snorting had given him a scratchy throat. In any case, other celebrities who had meth in their systems when they died include Rick James and Chris Penn. Like Phoenix, Penn and James didn’t just have meth–all died with a stew of illegal and prescription compounds in their blood.

But meth isn’t all Hollywood glitter. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the pictures in yesterday’s entry. And remember to take the Frat House or Meth Lab Photo Challenge!

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13 Responses to Persian Brown

  1. kylie says:

    river deserved to die..and i want to od like him….should i just shoot up a speedball?? lol…

  2. surly says:

    No way–Surly say “choose life.”

    Also, River did non deserve to die. It’s true that “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” sucked ass, but that’s not entirely his fault.

    When you’re tempted to beat up on River, try to focus on the good times. Like his guest appearance on “Family Ties.” Eugene Forbes is his gift to the world.

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  4. meth user says:

    fuck meth treatment tweak out with your beak out

  5. random says:

    hi. i really liked all of river phoenixs movies. he was really good as a kid. his best movie was stand by me. i did not know he died until a couple minutes ago. he should not have taken those drugs. it is really too bad. i’m not all for that save the world stuff but i still really liked him. i wish he would not have died. he did not deserve it. i am really upset. why the heck did drugs have to be invented? they will really screw up a guys life. look at his picture on the front cover of STAND BY ME. look. really he looks like a really good kid. what do think a kid like that would turn out like? HUH? i am mad and sad and frustrated at the same time. its not a good feeling! it just makes you sad. this is just sad. where the heck does a 23 year old kid get drugs? more importantly, what kind of person would give a kid like him heroin, cocaine, cough syrup,cannibus,vallium and persian brown!?!?!?!!!!!

  6. Spence says:

    Um, he had Ephedrine in his system. Ingredient in cough syrup, yes, but its one of the main ingredients used to make meth. My guess is the persian brown had heroin, coke and meth in it cuz he snorted one line and OD’d. Granted, he had heroin in his system to begin with. And the valium was given to him after he snorted it to try and bring him down. Bad idea.

    RIP River.

  7. surly says:

    Thanks for the update, Spence. You’re eerily well informed on this subject.

  8. Shawn Casteele says:

    I have 1 thing to say Kylie u r a stupid crazy bitch, unless u have walked in his shoes keep ur f\\\\\\\’n mouth shut!!!!!!!!

  9. Josie says:

    FUUUUUUCCKKKKK YOUUUU KYLIE ! He Was The BEST Actor There Ever Was So Suck It ;

  10. Lizzy says:

    Kylie, you are a moron! River was a fantastic actor and a great human being, you have got no clue how much the movie industry lost after River\’s death. The guy was pure gold, he wasn\’t a famewhore like all those hollywood celebs of today. Things were really different back in the early 90\’s and I\’m glad his family didn\’t have to go through the media circus of nowadays, seriously when I read comments like yours, makes me sick and ashamed of society, I hope you never lose a loved one in such a horrid circunstance as overdose. RIP River Phoenix, you will always be missed and your art is kept alive.

  11. regina says:

    River was a great actor. like many other actors that expeirances bad things. he didnt deserve to die. i love his movies and now my son watches them and he loves them to. So kaylie your saying every actor and actress that expeirances drugs should die. like lindsay lohan, willie nelson, paris helton and so on and so forth.

  12. lewis bridge says:

    Interesting, what an idiot for taking it in the first place

  13. Brian says:

    Syrup is for the dextromethorphan

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