Mexican Wrestling Mask Rorschach

Geoffrey as Rorschach #1Geoffrey sent this picture with the note:

“first try on of the new mask. extra creepy. kind of mexican-wrestling rorschach. i’ll send you a better one when i have the full costume on. just thought this one was funny enough to share.”

Props for copying the Rorschach shape from a specific (and dramatically important) panel of the comic. That’s from page 23 of issue 12, where the R-man’s leaving Adrian Veidt’s Antarctica hideout.

You can’t have verisimilitude without the ‘tude.

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9 Responses to Mexican Wrestling Mask Rorschach

  1. Philip Cheshire says:

    hey, great work on the mask, I was just wondering is there any where I can get one of them?

    There needs to be more Rorschach’s in the world



  2. This is a very interesting mask. A test !
    by the way – Mexican Wrestling Squirrels are real!

  3. Jake says:

    I have seen a Rorschach Mask on a wrestling mask website store.

  4. docturlough says:

    please tell me how you made this and what you used leave a comment on either my bebo,youtube or deviantart (just search \’docturlough\’ on any of these sites to find me) o send me an email at

  5. docturlough says:

    e-mail me! tell me how you made this mask and what you used email at

  6. Evan says:

    Woah, you look really hardcore in that photo. A muscly guy with tats and you can only see his eyes

  7. orli says:

    hey man sweet mask!!!!!!!!!! howd u make it? like what material and stuff? let me know man its flippin sweet!

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  9. surly says:

    Thanks, Autoversicherung! I always like to hear from spambots, especially those in Europe.

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