Holiday in Beantown

Logan AirportIn Boston’s Logan Airport, rocking chairs and laptops go together like that city’s famed baked beans and cream pie.

Seconds after I gook this photo a shrill, painfully loud alarmed ripped through the waiting area for Gates B22-26. I had a flash of panic–had my picture-taking set off some kind of Homeland Security alert? Had I unwittingly raised the threat level to ochre? An excrutiating minute later, the alarm fell silent–no explanation offered.

That, and having my leather jacket disappear from the 3rd floor lobby of the Westin Copley, and having half the city of Boston sneeze on me really blew a hole in my enjoyment of National Methamphetamine Awareness Day. Hopefully, you spent the holiday with family or loved ones sharing a full and untroubled awareness.

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