Happy Meth Awareness Day!

National Meth Awareness Day 2006Psych! National Methamphetamine Awareness Day isn’t really today–it’s November 30. You still have 13 days to organize organize a parade and get your costume together.

But…November 30 is not National Desoxyn Awareness Day, even though Desoxyn is the brand name under which meth is sold. Yes, you heard right. Meth-by-another-name is sold over the counter as treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder. It’s a DEA Schedule II drug, so it’s OK. The tough part is finding a pharmacist with a mullet.

Ever seen a meth lab? If you’re in Arkansas, northwest North Caroline, or any other meth hot spot, just follow your nose. Apparently they smell like cat urine.

UPDATE (4pm): I missed this awesome meth awareness page courtesy of the Department of Justice. That one lab with the wooden cabinets looks like the kitchen of every apartment I’ve ever lived in. And check out those teeth!

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