Gygan, the 1950s Sexbot

Michael Stone Johnson writes:

Gygan, the gentle seXbot, can really boogie with the chicks. Can you imagine the size of his enormous schwanzstucker?

I was skeptical, until I saw the eager way June Cleaver jumps on Gygan for a ride. Something’s going on there! Watch for yourself:

Gygan’s got other talents, such as “the handling of dangerous radioactive material in the realm of nuclear physics.” Best part: Gygan crushes a metal cylinder in his scary claw while the narrator tells us that he could be used “for chores like babysitting.” I guess those claws would keep your kids safe by scaring away commies and reefer-crazed beatniks.

Gygan could also function as “a servant, or even as an obedient companion” for those that swing that way.

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