Free to tell 9-11 jokes

Well, eight days after my in-depth, comprehensive investigation into tragedy and humor, I turn on the Internet to find a comic strip about 9-11. It’s pretty funny, which proves that I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

Curse cartoonist Jeffrey Rowland and his insightful mock innocence!

In a related story, killjoys at Stanford University have done a study on Internet addiction. They even go so far as to compare it to alcoholism, which is nonsense. I’ve often thrown up after a night of drinking, but rarely after an evening on Craigslist.

Curse those busybody boffins and their pier-reviewed periodicals!

Fortunately, all my Internetting has caused family and friends to drift away, so there’s no chance of an intervention. It’s just me and the ‘net, alone at last.

Come to Surly my love… yes… yes…

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