Free Propaganda Now!

“But Surly, are there any other government agencies that produce VNRs?”

Absolutely! For instance, there’s the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

True, I didn’t find any VNRs on their site. But there is this letter from the Government Accounting Office stating that

we [GAO] conclude that the prepackaged news stories in these VNRs constitute covert propaganda and violated the publicity or propaganda prohibition because ONDCP did not identify itself to the viewing audience as the producer and distributor of these prepackaged news stories.

Personally, I think that ONDCP should post its VNRs on its Web site. We should at least have access to the propaganda produced by our tax dollars. Free propaganda now!

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8 Responses to Free Propaganda Now!

  1. (snif) do I…. really….. eat the placenta?

  2. surly says:

    I said “devour,” not “eat.” And you say it like it’s a bad thing…

  3. So, what you’re saying then, is … if I convert into a blog, then people will actually read it?

  4. surly says:

    No. I’m definitely not saying THAT.

  5. Hey! You\’ve listed Moocat as a Blog!!! Moocat ain\’t no freekin\’ BLOG!!! Dag — this Bloggism is like a gigantic amoeba, encircling its pseudopodia around all this is good and real!

  6. surly says:

    better now?

  7. Ack! My long, clever reply, including clever links to eye-opening websites was not accepted by this bot, and when page reloaded, all typed text was gone!


  8. surly says:

    I hope that people won’t use this as an excuse for anti-cylon violence… There’s nothing in Robot’s Rules of Order that condones eye-tooking.

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