First look at Rorschach

Me as RorschachYou remember Rorschach from the Watchmen? silly question–of course you do.

Well, Trent sent me a link to the first picture of Rory from the upcoming Watchmen movie. Check it out:

The article says the part of Rorschach hasn’t been cast yet, which means I still have a shot. The photo here is me in my Halloween costume, circa. 1992. It’s the role I was born to play!

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  1. Dear Mr. Surly,

    Holy Katz! Their photo of Rorschach looks just like YOUR Rorschach, circa Halloween 1992!

    I live in the State of Dallas, Texas now.

    And so…. I’m going to invade Arizona.

    Yours in the Centralized Time Zone,


  2. geoffrey says:

    how did you make your rorschach mask??

  3. surly says:

    Start with a pair of white dance tights, cut the bottom of a leg (the foot part) into a mask.

    Using a piece of paper, make your own Rorschach blot. Attach it to a stiff piece of cardboard. Slip the mask over the cardboard/blot. It should be stretched taunt so that you can see the blot pattern through the fabric.

    With an indelible marker, trace the blot pattern and fill it in. Try it on. If you’re filled with feelings of misanthropy and misogyny, you know it’s working! If not, use the other foot and try again.

    Hint: Your mask will be more convincing if you position black blots over your eyes, so that they aren’t visible through the fabric.

    Halloween’s coming fast–get to work!

  4. Shawn says:

    I hate to be a bother, but I’m going to a costume party on Saturday (theme: superheroes) and as Rorschach is my favorite of the genre, I’ve decided to assemble a costume.

    First, I’d like to thank you for your walkthrough on getting the rorschach on Roschach. I’ve got together a trenchcoat, gloves, and a white scarf (for his little ascot dealie), and now on to the hard part, and the most important part – the mask.

    So to clarify, you chop off one foot of a pair of tights and that’s the mask? Just put your head through the hole you’ve created and you should be set (besides having to add the inkblot, of course)?

    I’m somewhat of a perfectionist, and would like to make a good impression at the party (though I know only a scant few will recognize the character) and just want to make sure I’m doing this correctly. Thanks in advance.

  5. surly says:

    That’s bascially it. However, I got an update from Geoffrey who said he was having some trouble with his real face showing through the mask. I recall that the tights I used were pretty thick, so that may make a difference. I got my tights from Sears. They may have been made for little kids. (Are little kid tights thicker than tights for grown ups?)

    Anyway, be careful–if Sears catches a grown-up dude looking at tights made for little girls and putting them on his head, they may put you on some kind of list.

  6. Geoffrey says:

    fortunately, i was put on that list a long time ago. the cops didn’t believe i was spiderman. but the kids sure did! mm-mm! another great costume idea if you like wearing womens stockings on your head– put regular pantyhose over your head, carry a sack of diapers and a fake pistol– and presto! you’re hi from raising arizona. just a thought.

  7. Spacejunk42 says:

    Man, I totally gave up on being Rorschach this year until I stumbled into this post of yours, thanks for sharing!

  8. surly says:

    I want to see all the Rorschach costumes people are making based on my blog! See my entry for October 12, 2007 for details.

  9. Phil says:

    Actually, I was gonna use a white spandex bathing cap for the mask, and stain it black over a dummy head. That way, I think it conforms to your face a bit more. Though the tights idea is not a bad one… I’ll have to try that out…

  10. TK8103 says:

    Well, I stumbled upon your site after making my mask, so I thought I\’d share. I ordered a closed face spandex mask, put it on, and had my wife trace the ink blots on. Then, I put it on a styrofoam head and painted the black on. Came out pretty darn good. I\’ll send you a pic once it\’s dry.

  11. jay says:

    MY Rorschach costume this year…

    I had to go with a black trenchcoat and hat as I was on a budget restraint. anyways, i’m on the left

  12. Ryan says:

    How can you see if you put the black parts over your eyes?

  13. michael says:

    put it on your face and put dots over where your eyes are and build off of that

  14. jake says:

    what do you mean put dots where your eyes are? how CAN you see if the black is over your eyes?

    can someone please give me an IN-DEPTH tutorial of making the mask?! I’m desperate! Help!

  15. Thon de Boer says:

    Really what we need is a REAL Rorschach mask that CHANGES….I’m sure the people that created the skull and blood mask should be able to do this…The blood was red dye that was squireted between two layers, top one being transparent…We just need some black liquids, white background and BAM!

  16. brian says:

    you can see through the black marker. black fibers are just as opaque as white ones.

    my main problem isn’t seeing through the tights, though it is pretty difficult when you are using three layers (two white, one black)… it’s keeping my eyes open enough to see through them. the tights are so close to my eyes that they are hard to keep open… and my eyelashes touch the tights and my eyes end up watering. i think i’m going to try to find some sort of zorro mask just to keep the tights a little farther from my eyes.

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