Clone yourself, then transfer your mind from your old worn-out body into the new healthy one. Neat, huh? Folks in Easy Clich’s (from Phosphorescent Comics) do this all the time.

You’d think a world with that kind of technology would look pretty futuristic. But aside from the bioengineering and mind transfer technology, Easy Clich’s appears to be set in a film noir world of tough-talking detectives and curvy dames. Writer Daniel Wilks has grafted a sci fi limb onto a Sam Spade storyline–with uneven results.

Issue #1 sets a gumshoe named Daedel on a case to find Hope Chassis, a TV character who somehow woke up and found herself in the real world. He goes off in search of the actress who plays her, thinking that Hope may be some sort of cloning effort gone awry.

Wilks sets a satirical mood right from the start–Daedel’s secretary is an inflatable sex doll. But what’s he satirizing? Film noir? Sci fi? The inflatable sex industry? It’s not clear. It doesn’t help that Wilks squanders precious pages on uninteresting asides–Daedel gets beaten up by genetically altered thugs, consults a sleazy hacker for information, and bloodies a reporter’s nose for no particular reason. Issue one ends before he makes any real progress on the case–no wonder detectives get paid by the hour.

Maybe Wilks is building to something great in issues #2 & 3, but I won’t rush to find out. He seems content to wander around, storywise, showing off a few interesting (if well-worn) sci fi concepts and a lot of Philip Marlowe attitude. Easy, indeed. Paul Aggett’s illustrations are kind of disturbing–everybody looks vaguely like a komodo dragon–but I don’t know if this is on purpose.

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