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Second Look at Rorschach

Further proof that I was born to play Rorschach in the upcoming Watchmen movie. This is a shot of me in character as Burgler Sam Sam the Mugger during the shooting of “Mug,” a video project by my friend and … Continue reading

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Spider-man 1992

Why haven’t I reviewed the new Spider-Man movie yet? Because I’ve been waiting for Krantoor the Munificent to come to town. He’s visiting from his island fortress, and we’re going to see Spidey sometime during the next few days. We’ll … Continue reading

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UPN Doin’ it Again

Have you heard of this, that UPN is doing a superhero series called “Legacy”? Here’s a review of the pilot from aintitcoolnews… they say there are spoilers, but how can you spoil something that’s on UPN? -Xtos “Pre-spoiled to avoid … Continue reading

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