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Uptown Clown

Outside Orlando, McDonald goes upscale. But in an Orlando kind of way. Here’s a shot of the lobby. That’s a big-ass aquarium in the foreground and a big-ass flatscreen TV mounted on the far wall. Family seating, dark wood tables, … Continue reading

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Holiday in Beantown

In Boston’s Logan Airport, rocking chairs and laptops go together like that city’s famed baked beans and cream pie. Seconds after I gook this photo a shrill, painfully loud alarmed ripped through the waiting area for Gates B22-26. I had … Continue reading

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Burning up vs. Blowing up

Saw this on a W. North Avenue sidewalk in Chicago recently. The caption reads “falling for you.” They say “tragedy plus time equals comedy…” so exactly how long will it be before 9-11 humor makes its way to the mainstream? … Continue reading

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Vacation Report #2: Cheese & Meat

Here’s a bit of found art from the long, long drive to Colorado. I took this in a convenience store in one of the vowel states. (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois… I can’t remember now.) A machine extruded this cheese-like substance for … Continue reading

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Vacation Report #1: Elk & Apple Jack

So we come down from Lost Lake smelling like we’d been camping for four days, which we had. We drive into Estes Park for burgers and wander into the Wapiti Pub and Restaurant. And we notice that all the young … Continue reading

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