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How to make a Rorschach mask

Of all the things I’ve posted to this site, nothing has generated more traffic than the discussion about making halloween masks based on the character “Rorschach” from the graphic novel “The Watchmen.” Last year I posted a picture of myself … Continue reading

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Rorschach Jesse & the rather fetching Mrs. Rorschach Jesse

Rorschach Jesse writes Don’t know if you ever got my pics. Hunter needs to send a better pic, he looks pretty good. Here’s a couple. It wouldn’t matter if Dr. Manhattan blinked in and blew up Hunter’s head… you win, … Continue reading

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Hunter Rorschach

Nice costume, Hunter! The blurriness of the photo is no doubt caused by the intense air of mystery that surrounds Rorschach. Links to more photos of Hunter, including a pose with some hot Rorschach-lovin’ babes, are here.

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Rorschach Double shot

OK, here’s Rorschach Litho ready for action: And here’s Rorschach Jay, about to whoop ass on the science villian known as “Dr. DJ” So that’s eight Rorschachs so far! (I’m counting myself, even though my picture’s not from this Halloween.) … Continue reading

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Hurm Indeed

Here’s TK8103 in his Rorschach drag. Check out his blog for an excellent in-character journal entry.

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Rorschach & Joan Crawford

Sure, they both have a few hang-ups. But don’t Rorschach and Joan Crawford make a lovely couple? That’s Spacejunk42 in the mask. He writes: “The third picture does have a woman in it, but its just a friend and I … Continue reading

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Rorschach Attack

Below you can see more pictures of Rorschach Geoffrey, this time with his clothes on. I kind of like the tan hat, but it looks like he’s settled on the gray. The bottom picture compares Rorschach Geoffrey with Rorschach Rorschach. … Continue reading

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Mexican Wrestling Mask Rorschach

Geoffrey sent this picture with the note: “first try on of the new mask. extra creepy. kind of mexican-wrestling rorschach. i’ll send you a better one when i have the full costume on. just thought this one was funny enough … Continue reading

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Rorschach Costume Contest: It’s on!

Check out this out: That’s Jesse as you-know-who. (He’s either here or here… MySpace is f***ing with my browser…) I think we have an early favorite, people. Comments? Observations? Trash talk? Let’s hear it… On a somewhat related note: Is … Continue reading

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Rorschach Costume Challenge

All right, now three people–Spacejunk42, Geoffrey, and Shawn–have written to say they’re dressing up as Rorschach for Halloween, and they’re using my instructions for making a Rorschach costume. Which is cool! But give something back to the Surly Robot. Send … Continue reading

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