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Sex Bot 2000

Danielle Corsetto publishes a fun little comic called “Girls with Slingshots.” It’s not normally about sexbots, but she recently went there. Don’t believe her bio. I saw her once at SPX, and she is not a filthy, filthy hippie.

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How to make a Rorschach mask

Of all the things I’ve posted to this site, nothing has generated more traffic than the discussion about making halloween masks based on the character “Rorschach” from the graphic novel “The Watchmen.” Last year I posted a picture of myself … Continue reading

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Rorschach Snoopy

Move over McGruff! The real canine crimestopper is this spotted beagle (you may need to scroll down to see him). Thanks, Boingboing. I’m not obsessed with the Watchmen. Really. I can quit any time.

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Rorschach Costume Challenge

All right, now three people–Spacejunk42, Geoffrey, and Shawn–have written to say they’re dressing up as Rorschach for Halloween, and they’re using my instructions for making a Rorschach costume. Which is cool! But give something back to the Surly Robot. Send … Continue reading

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Poo-flinging monkey!

Damn, I am so sick of you people asking to see the first issue of “Poo-Flinging Monkey.” Here it is, you greedy bastards. Now quit bugging me.

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Second Look at Rorschach

Further proof that I was born to play Rorschach in the upcoming Watchmen movie. This is a shot of me in character as Burgler Sam Sam the Mugger during the shooting of “Mug,” a video project by my friend and … Continue reading

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First look at Rorschach

You remember Rorschach from the Watchmen? silly question–of course you do. Well, Trent sent me a link to the first picture of Rory from the upcoming Watchmen movie. Check it out: The article says the part of Rorschach hasn’t … Continue reading

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Seven Hells: Abandon All Hope

My luck is nothing if not consistant. Case in point: I find a comic book blog I really, really like called “Seven Hells.” I crack up reading the Seven Deadly Signs of villiany series, and I find out that the … Continue reading

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Tales of Freelancing #20

I suppose it’s a conflict of interest for me to review my own comic. Well too bad. This one-shot appearance in “Tales of Freelancing” is my first paying gig in years, and I intend to hype it to Hell and … Continue reading

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A Second Opinion on DK2

Professor Xtos didn’t agree with what I wrote about DK2–namely, that it works best as fish wrap. Impudent ignoramus! Needless to say, I’m changing the access codes on the Fortress of Surlitude. He’ll be cut to ribbons by my automated … Continue reading

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