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Night of the Living Metaphore

My boy Robbie Parrish is bringing it once again. Check out his Night of the Living Dead re-mix featuring dialog by yours truly. Right here. His series Next to Heaven is counting down the final 10 episodes of season two. … Continue reading

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Lay back and think of Groundhog Day

I had an appointment with my urologist today. Man, that’s got to be the best-ever opening sentence for a blog entry. Nothing draws in the reader like the word “urologist” and itsĀ  many uncomfortable associations. Those tiny cups, the nurse … Continue reading

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a kinder, gentler Christianity

My daily walk to work takes me past Saint George’s Episcopal Church, and lately I’ve been very impressed with their marketing efforts. In case you can’t read the banners, one says “Coffee. Everlasting Life. Membership has its rewards.” The other, … Continue reading

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