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Landless Theatre presents… The Walking Fred!

written by Maurice Martin directed by Erik Morrison Fred Flinstone (Adam R. Adkins) wakes up from a coma to find that Bedrock has succumb to a zombie apocalypse. And what the Hell is going on between Barney and Wilma? When: … Continue reading

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“The Walking Fred” coming to Landless Theatre Company

Landless Theatre Company is having a Mashup Festival in June, and my contribution will be “The Walking Fred.” Here’s how it works: The Flinstones + The Walking Dead = The Walking Fred Got that? Sure you do! Read more about … Continue reading

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Documentary about Sexbots

So I wrote a little play about sex robots, thinking it would take a few years for reality to overtake my little fantasy. I am so naive. Allison de Fren has produced a documentary about real life sexbot called The … Continue reading

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Actroid F and Her “Brother,” Geminoid F

So you wake up in the hospital, and there’s a young Japanese woman in the room with you. Before you can get any randy ideas, you notice she’s a bit odd. Like, not the most brilliant conversationalist. Also, she tends … Continue reading

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Gygan, the 1950s Sexbot

Michael Stone Johnson writes: Gygan, the gentle seXbot, can really boogie with the chicks. Can you imagine the size of his enormous schwanzstucker? I was skeptical, until I saw the eager way June Cleaver jumps on Gygan for a ride. … Continue reading

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Alan Moore Stands up for Occupy Movement, Puts a Smackdown on Frank Miller

You tell ’em, Dumbledore!

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Night of the Living Metaphore

My boy Robbie Parrish is bringing it once again. Check out his Night of the Living Dead re-mix featuring dialog by yours truly. Right here. His series Next to Heaven is counting down the final 10 episodes of season two. … Continue reading

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The final episode of R.U.X….

…was dedicated to Steve Jobs. What does Steve have to do with sexbots? This video from Rob Parrish offers some insights:

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telenoid hugging robot

Looking for a way to make Grandma feel special, without the inconvenience of actually having to visit? Give her a creepy plastic doll that remotely relays your facial expressions. Or not. I used to give my grandmother peppermints, and she … Continue reading

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A cautionary tale (for all sexy robots)

Thanks, Adam!

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