Answer to the Challenge

We have a winner in the big Frat House or Meth Lab Photo Challenge! Hundreds of answer poured in, and about half correctly guessed which photo was which. But Lisa Worth of Effingham, Illinois, was the only one to pick up on the clue that clearly distinguishes the frat house from the meth lab:

“Both are a mess,” wrote Lisa. “But you can see sunlight through a window or door in the top photo. Meth junkies aren’t big fans of natural light, so that must be the frat house.”

Well said, Lisa. Meth heads keep their windows covered at all times in case Johnny Law wanders by. For her cleverness, Lisa wins an autographed picture of Jeri Ryan dressed as her character Seven-of-Nine from the the TV show Star Trek: Voyager. Enjoy!

I’ve linked the two photos above to their large originals on the Web, in case you’d like to know more. And remember, we’re down to 10 shopping days until Meth Awaremass. Have you baked your fruitcake yet?


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4 Responses to Answer to the Challenge

  1. Hey, your armpit won’t open (I know, wrong post), but that’s true, at least in Firefox, from Taiwan, while I’m Bittorenting two episodes of UGLY BETTY.. Okay, the site eventually loaded, but the picture didn’t. Harrumph…

    Did hundreds of people really submit answers? Cuz, like, you know — there weren’t even any comments on this contest, until now.

    I didn’t even know they HAD a day promoting the use and economic value of methamphetamines!

  2. surly says:

    I just opened for me… try it again.

    If Ugly Betty can be a hit, we should pitch our own show called “Freaking Hideous Skull-faced Betty.” Take it to the EXTREME!

    You dare doubt my word regarding the challenge responses? You dare believe the evidence of your own eyes? Death! Death to you all!

  3. ha ha ha — he’s Saia!!!!!

    btw — you fucking numbers and letter are hard to read!

  4. surly says:

    “Saia?” What is this “Saia” of which you speak?

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