Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Dead Robot was also a comic site. Better still, its creator actually produces a comic (rather than just spout half-baked opinions like yours truly). Dead Robot is an interesting blend of photography, drawing, and CG images (at least I think they’re CG). The story follows one man’s struggle with HIV and his friendship with his robot roommate. As a bonus, you get the lyrics to a Soul Coughing song!

It made me wonder: what’s on the other robot sites? Are there comics? Are there even robots?

Giant Robot–Comic reviews make up only a small part of this site, but go there anyway. GR is a magazine about Asia, pop culture, technology, and other stuff that makes you want to live. Check out the Robotica section for Vietnam trading cards and furry orange people.

Tiny Robot–Graphic design outfit. No robots.

Blue Robot–No robots to speak of, but lots of good information about designing Web sites using Cascading Style Sheets. I should read that one of these days.

Yellow Robot–Coming soon.

Purple Robot–Party on, Garth.

Sexy Robot–There seems to be some confusion here. Someone should tell these ladies that just having silicon in your body does not make you a robot.

Horny Robot–Cumming soon.

Rusty Robot–Independent music.

Cute Robot–I’m not authorized to view this site?? Well then, who is?

Shiny Robot–Robots are “evil and dangerous”? Yo, huu-man, check yourself!

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