Actroid F and Her “Brother,” Geminoid F

So you wake up in the hospital, and there’s a young Japanese woman in the room with you. Before you can get any randy ideas, you notice she’s a bit odd. Like, not the most brilliant conversationalist. Also, she tends to copy your facial expressions. Is she making fun of you? Doesn’t she know you’re in the hospital? What the hell, mystery girl!

Kokoro, a Tokyo-based entertainment company, and Osaka University didn’t design Actroid F and her male twin, Geminoid F, just to harass and annoy sick people. But for some reason, that’s where they’re being tested. How will the terminally ill respond to unrequested and unending games of “monkey see, monkey do”? Only one way to find out!

The robots may eventually also serve as companions to the elderly (hence, the tie-in to my play).

Mrs. Surly Robot sent me this link. Thanks, honey!

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