2001-04-14 Cartoonist Johnny Hart often puts anachronistic references to Christianity in his stone age comic strip B.C. Well, the Easter Sunday installment is causing a bit of a brouhaha, according to Silver Bulletins. Some people think the strip reeks of supercessionism or replacement theology–the idea that, with Jesus on stage, Judaism should bow and make a graceful exit. The American Jewish Committee doesn’t think it’s funny. Neither does the Jewish Defense League, even though they’ve posted the strip on their Web site along with their position.Hart is, apparently, the most widely read cartoonist on the planet. If you read his statement about the Easter controversy, you’ll see that he’s also a Christian zealot without a subtle bone in his body. He denounces replacement theology, but the Easter strip–full of charged symbols and Bible quotes–leaves him wide open for exactly the kind of criticism he’s getting.

So, does all this have anything to do with the L.A. Times decision to drop B.C. after 33 years? The paper says no, but you have to wonder.

Easter, Passover, First Day of Tanning Season… however you celebrate this weekend, if you’ve got a sense of humor about religion check out Sleepy Jesus. If not, please try to develop one.

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