A Second Opinion on DK2

DK2Professor Xtos didn’t agree with what I wrote about DK2–namely, that it works best as fish wrap. Impudent ignoramus! Needless to say, I’m changing the access codes on the Fortress of Surlitude. He’ll be cut to ribbons by my automated death laser next time he shows up for poker night.

Below you’ll find the text of his e-mail, somewhat edited. I reprint it not in the interested of “equal time” or “balanced journalism” (fie!), but only to illustrate why annihilation is not only justified but necessary. It’s full of “spoilers,” so hold your nose.

Well, I finally read all of DK2. I may be treading on thin sheet metal here, but I have to disagree with your review. I mean, it wasn’t anything like the original, which was dense, and had a concrete story line–I agree with you there. And if I’d read it stand-alone, not as a sequel, I wouldn’t think much of it… but, here’s the weird part, I think that it works best when you consider it as a sequel.

I think that the differences between it and DK1.0 make it interesting… that it’s the OPPOSITE of dense and concrete… instead, it’s iconic, the drawings are big, bold, wildly-colored, and the story is the same, meant to be skimmed, kind of.

I know what you mean about the “man in the street” seeming to be idiotic, but there’s an overall consistency to it… that Joe Six-Pack had been seduced and manipulated by Lex Luthor and company, and that the “heroes”, when they lost the battle for the hearts and minds of the people, gave up, went away, or sold out. Even in the current Superman comic there’s a hint of this with Luthor getting elected President, and Supes being conflicted about how to deal with it.

And it makes a kind of sense that Batman, alone of the heroes, says “fuck that!” The conversations between Batman and Superman, and especially Batman and the Flash, are consistent with this… and GL says something like “Funny that it was Batman, the *mean* one, who called it right.”

In execution the story is kind of weak, because no one can have a clue except Batman… the depiction of Wonder Woman was really bad, I thought… and the “daughter of Superman” thing was totally contrived… it could’ve been written to have Supes do all of her parts, but it wouldn’t have LOOKED as cool… that was where the skimming part was really needed.

I forgave the Green Lantern ex machina… I mean, GL had to be convinced to come back, and he obviously didn’t want to stick around, so Bats offered him a clearly defined task to arrive, accomplish, and split without even setting foot on the planet… OK, it’s a stretch, but whatever… when you want to talk seriously about that part, you know where to find me. 🙂

I actually thought the end was funny, in a way… Supes and his daughter wondering what they were going to do with “their” planet… which is exactly what would happen if there really WAS a Superman, a point that was made in Miracleman how many years ago? It’s not something that DC has ever made even the smallest allusion to, as far as I know. -Xtos

Diodes… melting… circuits… jammed… ERROR… ERROR… pi equals three point one four one… five… uh… nine… something… curse… your… human… logic….

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