Living In Moldova

Moldovan flagI haven’t posted here lately, but that doesn’t mean this site has been idle. I’ve got 15 comments in the moderations cue, waiting for me to approve them for display or delete them.

Sadly, they’re not real comments. They’re comment spam, also known as blog spam or spam in blogs. It works like this: the spammers (or more likely their software) get onto a blog and place a trival comment like “Wow that’s a nice post” to which is appended a link to some product or service.

I approved one such comment–it’s attached to the entry for Rock’em Sock’em Theater. The text makes it sound like the link will take you to a massage therapist in Miami, Florida, but the actual destination page is mostly gibberish. (Not sure why.)

Anyway, after I got more than a dozen of these things, I decided to try my hand at a little Internet sleuthing, to see if I could find out anything about the spammers. The trail seems to lead back to the small nation of Moldova, a former Soviet republic squashed between the Ukraine and Romania.

How cool is that! Somebody has been mucking with my Web site all the way from Moldova. I looked up Moldova in the CIA World Factbook, and found out the following:

  • Before it was annexed by the Soviety Union at the end of World War II, it was part of Romania.
  • The easternmost part of the country has declared itself a republic and goes by the name Transnistria.
  • It’s either one of the poorest or the poorest nation in Europe (the CIA can’t seem to make up its mind).

So, greetings to visitors from Moldova! No, I’m not going to post your ads for bean bag chairs, cigar humidifiers, or “cell epilepsy stem study therapy” (whatever the hell that is). But tell me something about life in Moldova, and maybe I’ll approve your comment.

For instance: What kind of alcohol is most popular in Moldova?

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