Teddy Bundy was a very naughty bear.All right: more comics about serial killers, starting with the Web comic Chopping Block. The star character, Butch, reminds me of Ziggy. Imagine if Ziggy kept his mummified mother around the house and spent his free time hacking up people in the basement. That’s pretty much what we’ve got here. Same format (one-panel vignettes), same “that’s just life” subtext. Butch wears a hockey mask, which gives his face a round, blank-balloon quality–just like the Z man. An interesting concept, but it lacks something in its (snicker snicker) execution.

I haven’t read these last two print comics, and I mention them only to increase my own hip factor. Jeffrey Dahmer–An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer claims to be the most controversial comic in America. Yeah, right. It would be much more controversial if it was the authorized comic biography. And is it necessary to identify Dahmer as a serial killer? What else is he known for?

Killer Komix 2 features lots of real life serial killers. If you’ve ever wondered what Ted Bundy would look like as a teddy bear, this is your book The introduction has been posted online, and it appears that writer Roger Sabin researched the relationship between comics and serial killers in much greater detail than my schedule allows.

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