Krantoor the Munificent wrote to say:

I rented Unbreakable the other day — it’s a very realistic take on the whole comic book/superhero/supervillian milieu. So… have you reviewed it? Will you? Please? If you don’t review it, my minions…. rain death from sky… mechanized legions… yadda yadda. Can I have some ice cream?

We’ll, I was going to review it, but then he sent another e-mail saying:

Why doncha put a search feature on your site? Atomz.com is free and good. I’ll do it for you in exchange for some yams and perhaps an old bicycle tyre.

Can’t he see the very obvious Search link at the top of this page? I didn’t use Atomz.com, but I did cobble together my own monstrous tangle of sloppy Perl code. Jeez!

Out of indignation (and laziness), I’m not going to review Unbreakable. You have only Krantoor’s word that it’s comic book-related.

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