Tonight, UPN will air the final episode of Star Trek: Voyager. In honor of the show, here’s a link to the upcoming DC comic book Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. It’s adapted from the video game Star Trek Voyager Elite Force, which of course is adapted from the TV show Star Trek: Voyager, which is itself adapted from the 1960s TV show Lost in Space.

Meanwhile, in the parallel universe where the laws of physics yield to the laws of satire, we have another news story about Star Trek: Retcon.

Star Trek: Retcon

New Trek Series Shortens Name

The name of the fifth Star Trek series, scheduled to premier this fall, has been downsized. Originally titled “Star Trek: Retcon,” the new series will now be called “Retcon.”

“Every other Trek series has had ‘Star Trek’ in the title,” says executive producer Brandon Braga. “We’ve changed this as a way of saying, hey, we’re not bound by the past. We’re making a break, boldly going where no Trek series has gone before. This time out, expect the unexpected!”

The new series features a white, male starship captain and a Vulcan science officer. It is set in the future, and tells stories about people in space. For more details about the show, see this article on SurlyRobot.com.

–Maurice Martin, May, 23 2001

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