Odds are, you’ve already seen the scary, ultra-Christian comics of Jack Chick. Maybe you stumbled across one of his “Chick Tracts” outside of your local drug den, or early one morning as you made your way home after a night of whoring. You’d remember the wide rectangular format and the damnation-rich content. Was it a Chick Tract that turned you from darkness and convinced you to embrace Jesus as your personal savior? It must have been–these little comics are the only path to salvation.

Well, there’s a fine analysis of Chick’s comics in the second issue of a publication called The Imp. It’s not on the Web, so bust out your checkbook: $5 in the U.S., $7 elsewhere. Make it payable to Dan Raeburn and send it to 1454 W. Summerdale 2C, Chicago, IL 60640. Yes, it’s worth it. Raeburn has studied Chick down to the last pen stroke, and exposes the human impulses behind his inhumanly brutal theology.

If you’re too much of a tightwad, at least check out this Jack Chick parody on the Web site of the comic strip Space Moose. (Thanks for the tip, Jukers!) But you know, if you’re so goddamn cheap that you can’t fork over $5 (or $7) for an insightful, funny, well-written product like The Imp, I wish you’d stop reading my Web site. Just get out. I’m tired of looking at you.

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