PlatinumThe Periodic Table of Comic Books shows how each element of the periodic table has been referenced in comics. If you haven’t picked up a chemistry book in awhile, you may not recall that there are a whole lot of elements. In fact, there’s more now than when you were in school. Somebody really put a lot of time-consuming, tedious work into this thing. Bless their insane little hearts.

On the far right of the Periodic Table home page you’ll see my dream girl. Her name is Platinum, and she was part of the 1960s team of robot superheroes called The Metal Men. Platinum was one hot bot–kind of a shiny Marsha Brady without pupils. I would have liked to get pneumatic with her, but she only had eyes for her creator, Dr. Magnus. Which, if you ask me, is kind of sick. I mean, isn’t that like incest? Frankly, I’m a little bitter about the whole thing.

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