Riso wrote to say:

last nite i took the time to listen to this promo cd i nabbed from olsson’s called You Are Here, which supposedly started as a xeroxed music pamphlet and now, as it’s 10th issue, is on cd. BUT, the relevance to you is that James Kochalka Superstar has two songs on there: “Ozzy [as in Ozborne] & I” and “Show Some Respect for Michael Jackson.” He also has a comic in the CD sleeve.

I stopped by my local Olsson’s Books and Records this weekend and got my free copy. Yes, it’s Mr. Monkey vs. Robot, doing his multimedia thing. The music is OK. The comic is OK. I guess I enjoy his Superstar persona shtick more than his actual product.

Check your local independent record store to see if they carry “You are Here.” It don’t cost nothin’. Thanks, Riso!

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