I looked again at the Harvey Awards, and who do I see under Best Syndicated Strip? None other than Frank Cho, creator of the sequential fart known as Liberty Meadows. Why, people? WHY?!

Let me be clear: I like Cho’s style of drawing. It doesn’t bother me that he completely lifted it from Berke Breathed’s Bloom County. And I don’t mind that Cho promiscuously mixes realistic-looking humans with semi-anthropomorphic animals–another Bloom County trick. Breathed put Bloom County to sleep in 1989–if cartoon scavengers want pick over its carcass, I say let them.

No, what bothers me about Liberty Meadows is that it’s NOT FUNNY. With it’s limp jokes, big-busted bimbos, and McCarthy-era approach to romance, it reads like the bastard child of Berke Breathed and Bunny Hoest.

Also nominated for Best Syndicated Strip are Doonesbury, Maakies. If Liberty Meadows wins, it’ll be a sorry day for comics.

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