Landless Theatre presents… The Walking Fred!

written by Maurice MWalking Fred skinartin
directed by Erik Morrison

Fred Flinstone (Adam R. Adkins) wakes up from a coma to find that Bedrock has succumb to a zombie apocalypse. And what the Hell is going on between Barney and Wilma?

When: June 14, 22, & 28 @ 10pm
Where: GALA Hispanic Theatre at Tivoli
3333 14th Street NW, WDC
Tickets: $15 – purchase here
Starring: Adam Adkins, Steve Custer,
Shea Mikal Green, Ian Hoch, Robert King,
Lauren Kuhn, Melanie Kurstin, Russell Silber, Jessica Sperlongano, David Weiner

Presented with:

sspwritten by Steve Custer and Ian Hoch
directed by Steve Custer

Captain Christopher Robinson–commanding a squad of stuffed animals—mounts a risky mission through Nazi-occupied Hundred Acre Woods to save a silly old bear.

Same cast! Same performance times and location!

Two hilarious shows for the price of one!

For more information, visit Landless Theatre Company’s website.

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“The Walking Fred” coming to Landless Theatre Company

Landless Theatre Company, June 2013

Landless Theatre Company, June 2013

Landless Theatre Company is having a Mashup Festival in June, and my contribution will be “The Walking Fred.” Here’s how it works:

The Flinstones + The Walking Dead = The Walking Fred

Got that? Sure you do! Read more about Landless’ summer plans here. And if you want to kick in some money to get the project off the ground, there’s a place for that!

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Documentary about Sexbots

So I wrote a little play about sex robots, thinking it would take a few years for reality to overtake my little fantasy. I am so naive.

Allison de Fren has produced a documentary about real life sexbot called The Mechanical Bride. Here’s a trailer:

Maybe if I write a play about flying cars or practical fusion energy, we’ll suddenly have those things too. Worth a shot.

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Actroid F and Her “Brother,” Geminoid F

So you wake up in the hospital, and there’s a young Japanese woman in the room with you. Before you can get any randy ideas, you notice she’s a bit odd. Like, not the most brilliant conversationalist. Also, she tends to copy your facial expressions. Is she making fun of you? Doesn’t she know you’re in the hospital? What the hell, mystery girl!

Kokoro, a Tokyo-based entertainment company, and Osaka University didn’t design Actroid F and her male twin, Geminoid F, just to harass and annoy sick people. But for some reason, that’s where they’re being tested. How will the terminally ill respond to unrequested and unending games of “monkey see, monkey do”? Only one way to find out!

The robots may eventually also serve as companions to the elderly (hence, the tie-in to my play).

Mrs. Surly Robot sent me this link. Thanks, honey!

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Gygan, the 1950s Sexbot

Michael Stone Johnson writes:

Gygan, the gentle seXbot, can really boogie with the chicks. Can you imagine the size of his enormous schwanzstucker?

I was skeptical, until I saw the eager way June Cleaver jumps on Gygan for a ride. Something’s going on there! Watch for yourself:

Gygan’s got other talents, such as “the handling of dangerous radioactive material in the realm of nuclear physics.” Best part: Gygan crushes a metal cylinder in his scary claw while the narrator tells us that he could be used “for chores like babysitting.” I guess those claws would keep your kids safe by scaring away commies and reefer-crazed beatniks.

Gygan could also function as “a servant, or even as an obedient companion” for those that swing that way.

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Alan Moore Stands up for Occupy Movement, Puts a Smackdown on Frank Miller

You tell ’em, Dumbledore!

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Night of the Living Metaphore

My boy Robbie Parrish is bringing it once again. Check out his Night of the Living Dead re-mix featuring dialog by yours truly. Right here.

His series Next to Heaven is counting down the final 10 episodes of season two. Watch it, daddy-o, before the squares get there and ruin it.

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The final episode of R.U.X….

…was dedicated to Steve Jobs.

What does Steve have to do with sexbots? This video from Rob Parrish offers some insights:

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telenoid hugging robot

Looking for a way to make Grandma feel special, without the inconvenience of actually having to visit? Give her a creepy plastic doll that remotely relays your facial expressions.

Or not. I used to give my grandmother peppermints, and she seemed to like that just fine. But if you’re one of those folks that feel the answer to every question is “technology!”, the telenoid may be for you.

Is the “sexbot” tag really appropriate for this story? Maybe, maybe not. Nobody in the video below mentions sex. It’s all very innocent–delivering hugs and smiles to distant loved ones. Yeah. That’s how it starts.

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A cautionary tale (for all sexy robots)

Thanks, Adam!

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